Hudson River, Tahawus NY

Cornell University (USA)

PLSCS/NTRES 6200: Spatial Modelling and Analysis

Intended for early-stage MSc and PhD students, and final semester undergraduates, who are using some kind of spatial or spatio-temporal analysis in their thesis projects. I have taught this each Spring semester (in fact mostly winter weather) since 2012; its future in 2025 depends on a new hire as Professor of “Geospatial Science for Sustainable Land Processes and Management”, search currently (Spring 2024) in progress.

Theory and practice of applying geo-spatial data for resource inventory and analysis, biophysical process modeling, and regional studies. Emphasizes use and evaluation of spatial analytical methods applied to agronomic and environmental systems and processes.

2023 version: Laboratory section is used to process, analyze, and visualize geo-spatial data of interest to the student, ending in a student project linked to the student’s on-going or proposed thesis/exit project research.

For 2024 the course was cut down to a set of four Case Studies: (1) familiarity with the R “ecology”; review of basic statistical analysis; (2) Mapping regional climate by interpolation from point observations; (3) Central NY State Leukemia: areal spatial data analysis (ASDA); (4) Trees in Michigan, Wildfires in Spain: point-pattern analysis.

SCAS 494: Land Suitability Evaluation

Land evaluation may be defined as the process of prediction of land performance when the land is used for specified purposes.

This course was last given in 1994; it is thus somewhat outdated but still can be a useful starting point. Algunos capítulos se han traducidos al Español.

南京师范大学 (Nanjing Normal University)

Frontiers in Geographical Information Science

An eight-week course for first-year students in the GIS concentration) of the School of Geography (地理科学学院), four from me on mapping and four from Dick Brus on spatial sampling. My part uses parts of the above slides, but also (from 2020) emphasizes research skills.

University of Twente (NL)

Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation

Geostatistics & Open-source statistical computing

Distance education course, equivalent to a full-time 3-week module, last given in 2015. Here are the lecture slides (including self-assessement questions) and the set computer exercises, a bit outdated but could still be useful. Most of the exercises use the Meuse soil geochemical dataset.

Preparation for MSc research

This material is from a three-week module, preparing students to enter the research phase of their MSc. These are from the last time I presented the course (Spring 2014), they may have been updated for the current course.

  • Lectures (PDF, compressed)

    Science & research; Formulating research problems, objectives and questions; research frameworks; research methods; finding & evaluating information; citations & reference list; critical reading & abstracting; structured technical writing; technical English; ethics & professionalism in science; scientific inference; statistical inference for research; thesis quality;

  • Text (PDF, compressed)

    Volume 1: Concepts; Volume 2: Skills

  • Exercises (PDF, compressed)

    Literature review; Critical reading; Argumentation

Universidad Mayor de San Simón (Bolivia)

Preparación para la maestría

  • Herramientas para realizar una investigación

    Enfoque a la realización de Tesis de Maestría del Centro de Levantamientos Aeroespaciales (CLAS). Material traducido y adaptado al Español por Ronald Vargas Rojas a partir del texto base en Inglés, ver arriba.

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