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heated soil in Iceland
This website contains almost all of the work I’ve done in my teaching and research careers. I work in “spatial analysis” broadly defined, with a major interest in soil geography. I’ve written many tutorials and examples, almost all using the R programming language and software environment for data science.
知无不言言无不尽!– D G Rossiter


Peer-reviewed and otherwise

Soil geography and land evaluation

Mapping classification, land evaluation, simulation modelling


Tutorials, mostly using R, some QGIS and GeoDa


Cornell, ISRIC, 南京师范大学, University of Twente course materials

Research & Professional skills

How to approach research, how to be a responsible scientist


Not my material, but good background to understand my work


Don’t start me talking, I’ll tell *everything* I know…; Lo zio acquatico N’ba N’ga!

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