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Peer-reviewed and indexed

You can find all my peer-reviewed publications (papers, book chapters with a DOI) at one of these links. Google Scholar and Scopus seem to find new articles the soonest.

For any of these, you can mail me to request a reprint


Rossiter, D. G. (2017). Maps and models are never valid, but they can be evaluated (with responses). Pedometron 41: 19-28

This caused quite some controversy!

Rossiter, DG. (2009) Report from the trenches: Preparing developing-country students for pedometrics. Pedometron 26: 14-16

Peer-reviewed but not indexed

刘茜 (LIU Qian), Rossiter D. G. (2008) 基于高光谱数据和MODIS影像的鄱阳湖悬浮泥沙浓度估算 (Estimation on Suspended Sedimentation Concentration of Poyang Lake Using MODIS and Hyperspectral Data) 遥感技术与应用 (Remote Sensing Technology and Application) 23: 7-11

Not peer-reviewed but maybe useful

Rossiter, D. G., & Rodríguez, M. F. (1994). Construcción de modelos digitales de terreno para la evaluación de tierras. Venesuelos, 2(1), 37–44

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