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Cornell University and Cornell Cooperative Extension Publications

This page was archived in September 2013; see home page for current site status

Cornell faculty and extension staff of the Water Quality Program have developed many publications to be used by the public and extension educators. They are listed below in numerical order, and they can also be found according to topic throughout this site.

These documents have been converted to electronic versions, and will be updated and distributed this way in the future. Printed copies of some of these documents are still available as noted below - contact us if you would like copies.

Water Treatment Notes (Fact Sheets)

Water Bulletins

Related Consumer Publications from Cornell

Water Treatment Notes (Fact Sheets)

1 - Guidelines for Purchasing Water Treatment Equipment (1991, updated 2005)

2 - Lead in Drinking Water (2006)

3 - Activated Carbon Treatment of Drinking Water (1995, print copies also available)

4 - Reverse Osmosis Treatment of Drinking Water (1995, updated 2005)

5 - Chlorination of Drinking Water (1988, updated 2005)

6 - Iron and Manganese in Household Drinking Water (1989, updated 2005)

7 - Hydrogen Sulfide in Household Drinking Water (1999)

8 - Private Household Water Supplies (1991, print copies also available)

9 - Terminology for Onsite Sewage Treatment Systems (1992, updated 2005)

10 - Ultraviolet Radiation for Disinfecting Household Drinking Water (1993, updated 2004)

11 - Bottled Water (1999)

12 - Water for Emergency Use (1999, updated 2006)

13 - Safe Fuel Use Around the Home (2001) - note more current info on NYS DEC site: Underground Heating Oil Tanks: A Homeowner's Guide

14 - Drinking Water Standards and the Health Effects of Drinking Contaminated Water (2004, print copies also available)

15 - Cryptosporidium: A Waterborne Pathogen (1996, updated 2004)

16 - Household Chemicals and Your Septic System (1997, updated 2004)

17 - Chloramine as a Disinfectant (2004)

18 - Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) and Drinking Water (2005)

19 - Arsenic in Drinking Water (2006)

20 - Perchlorate (2006)

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Water Bulletins

Hard Water (2005)

Disinfection of Drinking Water using UV light (2003)

Drinking Water Supplies and Biological Warfare (2002)

Drugs in Drinking Water (2000)

Outdoor Swimming (2005)

Water Quality in Airplanes (2005)

Bacterial Additives and Septic Tanks (1999)

The Influence of RV Chemicals in Marina or Campground Septic Tanks (2005)

Underground Fuel / Heating Oil Storage (2003)

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Related Consumer Publications from Cornell

Reducing Potential Cancer Risks from Drinking Water: Part 1: Contaminant Sources and Drinking Water Standards (1998, BCERF Fact Sheet #7A)

Reducing Potential Cancer Risks from Drinking Water: Part 2: Home Water Treatment Options (1998, BCERF Fact Sheet #7B)

Your Septic System (CCE publication, paper copies available from us) - updated 2013 - see septic page

Home*A*Syst: An Environmental Risk-Assessment Guide for the Home - see link for Table of Contents and ordering information (116 pp., $9.00 from NRAES)

Household Cleaning Products - What About Substitutes? (1993)

Safe Use and Storage of Hazardous Household Products (1999, BCERF Fact Sheet #22)

Disposal of Household Hazardous Waste (1990, CCE publication )

Removing Stains at Home (2005)

Slide Sets and Videos

YouTube logo YouTube educational video archive

General Info about Household Hazardous Products on FSAD Extension site

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