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Land Use Issues Affecting Water

This page was archived in September 2013; see home page for current site status

Reporting Spills and other Environmental Hazards

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Report Spills and Environmental Violations

NYS DEC Contact Page - skip down to Reporting an Environmental Problem

Natural Gas Development

Drilling for resources (water, gas, oil, geothermal heat, etc.) presents a risk to near-surface groundwater resources and must be done carefully. Natural gas development is a current topic in New York because of potential development of the Marcellus Shale, Utica Shale, and other reservoirs. More detail including regulatory comments submitted to the NYS DEC are provided on our natural gas development page.

Earlier Cornell Cooperative Extension programs on land use and pollution prevention

Water Operators Project - Small Businesses Providing Safe Drinking Water

Pollution prevention and water quality management information

LEAPE (Locally-led Education and Action for Protecting the Environment)

A program on non-point source pollution prevention for local government officials and others

Home*A*Syst and Farm*A*Syst

Home*A*Syst and Farm*A*Syst are voluntary pollution prevention and risk assessment programs for homeowners and farmers. Cooperative Extension, USDA, and EPA supported the programs, with local customization and implementation in each state or county extension office. Ann Lemley was involved in the development of Home*A*Syst. These programs are not currently active from our office, but Home*A*Syst workbooks for homeowners are available from NRAES, and the detailed summary there provides more background on the program. The University of Wisconsin Extension Farm and Home website provides information on several environmental management programs including Home*A*Syst.