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Water Quality Information for Consumers

Want to test the water from your well or spring?

The New York State Department of Health provides a list of certified commercial laboratories (sorted by county, look for "potable water" testing).

Recommended Residential Water Quality Testing from NYS Dept. of Health.

Additional sources of information

New York Extension Disaster Education Network (NY EDEN) Logo

Cornell University operates one local Water Filtration Plant.

Cornell Cooperative Extension has links to local offices and information by topic.

Water research and extension are carried out by many groups on campus including The New York State Water Resources Institute.

New York State Department of Health and County Health Departments

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Site History

As of October 2013, this site is moving to the Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences web pages.

This website was developed as part of an extension program to provide consumers information about drinking water, home water treatment, wells, septic systems, bottled water, and other water quality issues to enable them to protect their health, financial resources, and local watersheds. Some information is specific to New York State. The site was developed and maintained by Extension Associate Amy Galford from 2006-2013 under Professor Ann Lemley in the College of Human Ecology with funding from USDA-NIFA.