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Above: Tea harvesting and several homesteads in the background, Nandi Hills, Kenya. (photo: D. Guerena)
Team members and project roles
Pyrolysis Cookstove Modeling, Design and Emissions Testing
H. Benaddji: photo Dr. Hayet Bennadji: pyrolysis modeling and stove design.
Y.Chen: photo Yu-Chao Chen: stove modeling, design, and testing.
R.Edwards:Small Professor Rufus Edwards (U.C. Irvine): stove design, emissions testing, and human health impacts of stove use.
Professor Betta Fisher: pyrolysis and combustion modeling, experimentation on stove design.
Professor Fred Gouldin: pyrolysis and combustion modeling, experimentation on stove design.
K.Malhotra: photo Kara Malhotra: stove modeling, design, and testing.
Dr. Shaka Shabangu: modeling of pyrolysis of biomass in cookstoves.
photo: Dori Torres

Dorisel Torres: biomass fuel assessment in landscapes and communities, cookstove design and field testing, emissions testing

Biochar-based microbial inoculants and biochar impacts on soil biology and nutrient cycling
Akio Enders : characterization of biomass feedstocks and biochar in response to pyrolysis temperatures, lab and equipment design.
David Guerena: analyzing soil fertility impacts of biochar application at field and watershed scale in agricultural landscapes.
Kelly Hanley: characterization of biochar, lab support, project administration.
Professor Johannes Lehmann: modeling of environmental impacts of adoption , biochar characterization, soil impacts of biochar, and project coordination.
H Neufeldt- photo Dr. Henry Neufeldt, ICRAF: biochar impacts on greenhouse gas emission from soils.
C. Pulver photo Christian Pulver: woodland biomass management, soil impacts of biochar.
J.Thies:photo Professor Janice Thies: mechanisms of microbe-char interactions for inoculant production and persistence of inoculant organisms in soils; root/microbe interactions with biochar.
Dorisel Torres: feedstock biomass assessment in landscapes and communities, cookstove development, emissions testing, biochar impacts on nitrogen cycling in soils.
Dr. Steven Vanek: mechanisms of biochar impact on nutrient cycling at the root-soil scale, project coordination and administration, website.