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Here are the many tutorials I’ve written [1] dealing with various aspects of spatial statistics. Please note the dates of each one, the older ones may be partly obsolete or require some adjustment to new versions of the computer programs.


R Markdown mini-tutorials

These illustrate some details of geostatistics. Load into R Studio and compile (“knit”) to HTML, or execute chunk-by-chunk

  • Constructing a prediction grid

    Shows how to create a regular grid onto which kriging or another prediction method can be applied.

  • Kriging From scratch

    A direct application of the ordinary kriging equations to derive kriging weights.

  • Detecting and modelling anisotropy for Ordinary Kriging

  • Mapping classes

    Shows how to map class probabilities over a grid using indicator kriging in gstat, and then make a map of the most probable, along with a map of prediction reliability, represented by the maximum probability of any class. It also has a section on using classification trees and random forests to classify the same dataset.

  • (Geo)statistical simulation

    Random numbers in R; simulation of binomial, normal, and mixed distributions; application to simulating random fields.

Spatial analysis

General statistical methods

R Markdown mini-tutorials

Regional mapping

Geographic information systems (GIS)

Time-series analysis

[1]or adapted from others

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