Terra Preta de Indio
Biochar Soil Management
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Current Staff
Name Position Main field of research
Akio Enders Research Support Specialist Cryosectioning, Leland Pyrolysis Kiln, biochar characterization and overall experimental support
Annette Dathe Technician Soil-water-plant-microbe interactions, overall research support
Dominic Woolf Senior Research Associate Carbon modeling
Laurel Lynch Postdoctoral Associate
Morgan Irons PhD Student
Rachelle LaCroix PhD Student
John Gaunt Adjunct Professor Soil organic matter dynamics, Carbon trading
Kelly Hanley Technician Biochar effects on nitrous oxide emissions from soils; overall research support
Johannes Lehmann Professor  
Itamar Shabtai Postdoctoral Associate  
David Bluhm PhD Student  
Angela Possinger PhD Student  
Mariana Carolina Pereira Vieira Devault PhD Student  
Thiago Inagaki PhD Student  
Dawit Solomon Adjunct Professor Soil organic matter, sulfur dynamics in soils


Minor Advisor for
Name Major Advisor Main field of research
Maria Gannet Antonio DiTommaso  
Katie Grant Lou Derry  
Kelsey Jensen Jed Sparks  


Former Students/Staff
Name Position Main field of research
David Guerena PhD Student  
John Recha PhD Student  
Leilah Krounbi PhD Student  
Lydiah Gatere PhD Student  
Marie Zwetsloot MS Student  
Marialuz Cayuela Postdoctoral Associate  
Rachel Hestrin MS/PhD Student  
Silene DeCiucies MS Student  
Tara Webster Postdoctoral Associate  
Tianran Sun Postdoctoral Associate  
Susana Blum Postdoctoral Associate  
Stefan Jirka Research Associate  
Bing Wang Visiting Scholar  
Saman Randombage Visiting Scholar  
Xavier Domene Visiting Scholar  
Karen Heymann PhD Student Black Carbon quantification and dynamics
Thea Whitman PhD Student Biochar stability and carbon balance
Dorisel Torres PhD Student Resource assessment for biochar stove systems in Kenya
Charles Hyland Masters Student Dissolved organic nutrient dynamics in agroecosystems
Verena Jauss PhD Student Black carbon distribution in soils of the United States
Shelby Rajkovich Undergraduate Student Biochar properties and crop yields
Mary Zhao Undergraduate Student  
John Recha PhD Student Nutrient and carbon exports from headwaters in Kenya as a function of soil degradation
Kelli Roberts Postdoctoral associate Life cycle assessment of biochar systems
Zhongmin Dai Visiting Scholar  
Sueng Han Woo Visiting Scholar  
Pedro Medrano Undergraduate Student (2003)  
Lauren Taylor Undergraduate Student (2001)  
Steinar Tveitnes Professor, sabbatical from Norway  
Lan Zhongdong Ass. Professor, sabbatical from P.R. of China  
Julia Lena Dathe Research Support Specialist (2003-2006)  
Wendy Lynn Schultz Undergraduate Student (2004/05) Organic sulfur dynamics
Shinjiro Sato Post-doctoral Associate (2003-2005) Phosphorus dynamics in manured soils of New York
Rebbie Harawa PhD Student (2002-2005) Nutrient dynamics and budgets in agricultural watersheds in Southern Malawi
Biqing Liang MS Student (2003-2006) Black Carbon and nutrient retention
Mark Johnson PhD Student (2002-2006) Water and C fluxes in forested watersheds and hydrophobicity in Northern Mato Grosso, Brazil
Mark Johnson

Post-doctoral Associate

Water and C fluxes in forested watersheds in Northern Mato
Julie Grossmann Postdoctoral Associate
Microbial diversity and functions in Terra Preta soils
James Kinyangi PhD Student
Soil organic matter dynamics in tropical soils in Kenya
Chih-Hsin Cheng PhD Student
Black Carbon and charge dynamics
Biqing Liang

PhD Student

Terra Preta SOM dynamics
Joseph Kimetu

PhD Student

Soil organic matter dynamics in tropical soils in Kenya
Julie Major PhD Student
Charcoal applications and soil fertility in Colombia
Binh Nguyen PhD Student
Black Carbon decomposition


Former Minor Advisor for
Name Major Advisor Topic
Amaya Atucha Ian Merwin Nutrient dynamics in avocado plantations in Chile
Kate Ballantine Rebecca Schneider Ecology of restored wetlands
John Beeby Janice Thies Microbial dynamics in biochar soils
Hongyan Jin Janice Thies Microbial dynamics in biochar soils
Steve Vanek Lauiei Drinkwater Crop ecology in Bolivia
Jose Juan Rosario Terry Jordan Palaeoclimate in South America
Mark Slavens Marty Petrovich Nutrient leaching under turf
Carol Schwendener (MS, 2001-2003) Erick Fernandes Nitrogen release from tree prunings and litter in central Amazonian agroforests
Christienne Kuzcak (MS, 2000-2002) Erick Fernandes Effect of earthworms on inorganic and organic P in soils of the central Amazon
Rob Nurse (PhD, 2001-2004) Toni DiTommaso Weed dynamics
Julie Major (MS, 2002-2004) Toni DiTommaso Weed dynamics on Terra Preta de Indio
Ilse Ackerman (PhD, 2003-2005) Erick Fernandes Termite effects on soil fertility
Ted Feldpausch (PhD, 2003-2005) Susan Riha Soil and biomass nutrient dynamics in a forest succession following degraded pasture in central Amazonia
Ilse Ackerman (PhD, 2002-2005) Erick Fernandes Termite dynamics in a forest succession following degraded pasture in central Amazonia
Larissa Smith (MS, 2002-2005) Toni DiTommaso Weed ecology of swallow-ward
Edward Yeboah (PhD, 2004-2005)   Soil organic matter in Ghana
Brendan O'Neill (MS, 2003-2006) Janice Thies Microbial diversity in Terra Preta soils
Andres Berger Ricca (MS, 2003-2006) Susan Riha Weed competition and modelling
Chandra Kumar Purohit (MS, 2005-2006) Ian Merwin Nutrient dynamics in an apple orchard
Dan Clune (MS, 2004-2007) Janice Thies Microbial dynamics in soils
Joshua Faulkner (PhD, 2006-2009) Tammo Steenhuis Phosphorus buffer strips
Meagan Cooke (PhD, 2004-2009) Laurie Drinkwater Biological nitrogen fixation and soil fertility in organic farming systems
Helen Markewich (PhD, 2004-2008) Alice Pell Nutrient release from animal manures in Kenya
Solomon Ngoze (PhD, 2002-2008) Susan Riha N and P dynamics in tropical soils
Kristina Schoening (PhD, 2005-2007) Allison Jack The Antropology of waste in Gaza
Andres Berger Ricca (PhD, 2006-2008) Susan Riha Weed ecology
Marina Molodovskaya (PhD, 2006-2009) Tammo Steenhuis Nitrous oxide emissions