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Book Publication: Amazonian Dark Earths
by Johannes Lehmann, Dirse C. Kern, Bruno Glaser & William I. Woods
This book publication emerged from a meeting in Benicassim/Spain in 2001. A group of enthusiastic scientists from diverse backgrounds decided that it is time to present a comprehensive overview of research on the so-called "Terra Preta de Indio" or Amazonian Dark Earths. Authors were invited to cover a wide variety of aspects around these fascinating soils. They founded what became the first International Workshop on Terra Preta de Indio in Manaus in July 2002. Frequent interactions and workshop meetings ensured that this publication became a major text book on Amazonian Dark Earths. It is published by Kluwer Academic Publishers in The Netherlands. Click for purchase information.



Table of contents


Foreword by Wim Sombroek

Chapter 1: Development of Anthrosol Research, by W.I. Woods

Chapter 2: Historical Perspectives on Amazonian Dark Earths, by T.P. Myers, W.M. Denevan, A. Winklerprins, A. Porro

Chapter 3: Historical and Socio-cultural Origins of Amazonian Dark Earths, by E.G. Neves, J.B. Peterson, R.N. Bartone, C.A. da Silva

Chapter 4: Distribution of Amazonian Dark Earths in the Brazilian Amazon, by D.C. Kern, G. D’Aquino, T.E. Rodrigues, F.J.L. Frazão, W. Sombroek, T.P. Myers, E.G. Neves

Chapter 5: Classification of Amazonian Dark Earths and other Ancient Anthropic Soils, by N. Kämpf, W.I. Woods, W. Sombroek, D.C. Kern, T.J.F. Cunha

Chapter 6: Soil Fertiliy and Production Potential, by J. Lehmann, D.C. Kern, L.A. German, J. McCann, G.C. Martins, A. Moreira

Chapter 7: Amazonian Dark Earths as Carbon Stores and Sinks, by W. Sombroek, M.L. Ruivo, P.M. Fearnside, B. Glaser, J. Lehmann

Chapter 8: Soil Organic Matter Stability in Amazonian Dark Earths, by B. Glaser, G. Guggenberger, W. Zech, M.L. Ruivo

Chapter 9: Agrobiodiversity in Amazônia and its Relationship with Dark Earths, by C.R. Clement, J.M. McCann, N.J.H. Smith

Chapter 10: Ethnoscientific Understandings of Amazonian Dark Earths, by L.A. German

Chapter 11: Archaeobotanical Methods for the Study of Amazonian Dark Earths, by S. Mora

Chapter 12: Organic Chemistry Studies on Amazonian Dark Earths, by B. Glaser, G. Guggenberger, W. Zech

Chapter 13: The Use of Micromorphology for the Study of the Formation and Properties of Amazonian Dark Earths, by M.L.P. Ruivo, M.A. Arroyo-Kalin, C.E.R. Schaefer, H.T. Costi, S.H.S. Arcanjo, H.N. Lima, M.M. Pulleman, D. Creutzberg

Chapter 14: Determining Nutrient Bioavailability of Amazonian Dark Dark Earth Soils - Methodological Challenges, by N.P.S. Falcão, N.B. Comerford, J. Lehmann

Chapter 15: Soil Physical Characterization, by W.G. Teixeira, G.C. Martins

Chapter 16: Amazonian Dark Earths: Biological Measurements, by J. Thies, K. Suzuki

Chapter 17: Pedogeochemical and Mineralogical Analyses of Amazonian Dark Earths, by M.L. da Costa, D.C. Kern, N. Kämpf

Chapter 18: Indigenous Soil Management and the Creation of Amazonian Dark Earths: Implications of Kayapó Practices, by S.B. Hecht

Chapter 19: Cultural Behaviors of Indigenous Populations and the Formation of the Archaeological Record in Amazonian Dark Earth: the Asurini Do Xingú Case Study, by F.A. Silva

Chapter 20: Contemporary Use and Management of Amazonian Dark Earths, by M. Hiraoka, S. Yamamoto, E. Matsumoto, S. Nakamura, I.C. Falesi, A.R.C. Baena

Chapter 21: The Effect of Management on the Fertility of Amazonian Dark Earth Soils, by B.E. Madari, V.de M. Benites, T.J.F. Cunha

Chapter 22: Weed Population Dynamics and Management on Amazonian Dark Earth, by J. Major, A. DiTommaso, L.A. German, J.M. McCann

Chapter 23: Historical Ecology and Future Explorations, by C. Erickson

Annex: Photos of lead profiles and field experiments on Amazonian Dark Earths

Before the publication of this book, Wim Sombroek, a leading scientist in Terra Preta research and central figure in this new initiative, passed away in December 2003. Read the tribute to his contributions.

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