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"But the power of instruction is seldom of much efficacy except in those happy dispositions where it is almost superfluous."
-- Gibbon; The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire Ch. IV Part 1

Here are some lecture notes, presentations, exercises, and technical notes that I've written for teaching, along with some related links. I hope they're useful, but please read the disclaimer.

PageTop Research Methods

Lecture notes

  1. Text: Research Concepts & Skills, last update 29-April-2014 PDF (3 volumes, compressed 15.6 Mb)

    Reader for a module on research skills, used in the UT/ITC MSc course in Enschede and at partner institutions

    1. Literature review, Citations, and List of references
    2. Critical Reading and Abstracting
    3. Purpose, structure and logic of MSc research
    4. Argumentation and Technical Writing
    5. MSc thesis quality
    6. Use of graphics in the thesis
    7. The scientific method
    8. Frameworks
    9. Statistical inference for research
    10. Ethics & professionalism in science
  2. Presentations: Research Concepts & Skills, corresponding to the above list; last update 29-April-2014
  3. Assignments PDF (compressed 304 Kb)

    Three assignments to test reseach skills

  4. Herramientas para realizar una investigación PDF (186 Kb)

    Versión en Español de algunas partes del anterior, adaptada a condiciones Bolivianas (con Ronaldo Vargas)


  1. How to make a scientific presentation at an international meeting PDF (1.4 Mb)

    Make a good impression and stand out from the crowd; especially for Chinese speakers

Links -- Writing

Links -- Presenting

Links -- References

PageTop Document preparation


PageTop Soil Resource Inventory Concepts & Methods

Lecture Notes

  1. Lecture Notes: Methodology for Soil Resource Inventories PDF (392 Kb)
  2. Metodologías para el levantamiento del recurso suelo PDF (Spanish version of the preceding, translated by Ronald Vargas) (1.1 Mb)
  3. Overheads: "Sampling for soil survey" PDF (1.1 Mb)
  4. Overheads: Making a soils map from a geopedological map PDF (271 Kb)
  5. Exercises: Soil Survey Methodology PDF (32 Kb)

PageTop Soil Classification

Lecture Notes

  1. Introduction to Soil Classification PDF (33 Kb)

    outdated but maybe useful

pagetop Soil Survey Interpretations & Land Evaluation

Lecture Notes

  1. Presentation: Principles of Land Resources Evaluation PDF (947 Kb)
  2. Presentation: New directions in land evaluation for land use planning PDF (1584 Kb)
  3. Lecture Notes: "Land Evaluation"

    From a course I gave Cornell University in 1993 and 1994; somewhat outdated but still useful.

  4. Annotated bibliography of land evaluation studies
  5. Spreadsheet showing how cash flow works (Excel, 32 Kb)

Automated Land Evaluation System ALES

  1. ALES Home Page
  2. Transferring land evaluation results from ALES to ILWIS
  3. ALES User's Manual PDF (1.1 Mb)
  4. The Spanish-language manual (somewhat outdated):
    1. Portada (17 Kb)
    2. Breve introducción al ALES (44 Kb)
    3. Guías de Instrucción (404 Kb)
    4. Construcción de Modelos (189 Kb)

PageTop Statistical software (R)

Technical notes

Software tools

On-line statistics texts and references

Some interesting R links

PageTop Spatial analysis & Geostatistics


Lecture Notes

These all use the R environment for statistical computing; I have written an introduction and several technical notes for this environment.


Explanatory spreadsheets

Data sets

PageTop Soil Geographic Data Bases

  1. Technical note: Creating geometrically-correct photo-interpretations, photomosaics, and base maps for a project GIS

    "This note is written for those who want to build a GIS of a relatively small project area for purposes of natural resources inventory, monitoring, and management. All such GIS should, if at all possible, include: (1) a base map, often referred to as a topographic map; (2) an airphoto mosaic; (3) thematic maps, i.e. polygon, segment, or point maps from air photo interpretation. (4) a multispectral satellite image and its products such as false-colour composites; All of these must be geo-referenced and geometrically-corrected in a common coordinate system."

  2. Lecture Notes: Soil Geographic Data Bases PDF (203 Kb)

    Somewhat outdated but might be a starting point.

  3. Notas de conferencia: Bases De Datos Geográficos de Suelos y el Uso de Programas para su Construcción PDF (713 Kb)

    Spanish version of the preceding; translated, adapted and expanded by Ronald Vargas

Links -- Metadata for Digital Geospatial Data

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