Geostatistics & Open-source statistical computing

This material can be used for distance education or self-study. I've built them up over the years, and when I get a fresh idea or want to work something out for myself, I improve them or write a new tutorials.

Topics include introduction to R, working with spatial data in R, visualization of spatial data, exploring spatial structure (trend surfaces, variograms, variogram maps), interpolation, optimal interpolation (kriging), block kriging, universal kriging, kriging with external drift, indicator kriging, sequential simulation of spatial fields, sampling optimization including simulated annealing, introduction to point-patterns, introduction to areal data, exchanging spatial data with other tools. The main computing tool was the gstat package of the R environment; however many other packages are used (MASS, spdep, spatstat, ...).

Course materials

These materials are offered as-is, with no support. I hope you find them interesting and useful. Comments and corrections are always welcome. Materials last updated 07-June-2018

  1. Exercises using R (Zip file of 25 PDF, 42 Mb)
  2. R code for exercises (Zip file of 40 R scripts, 99 Kb)
  3. Overheads (Zip file of 16 PDF, 22.9 Mb)
  4. Datasets for exercises: Jura heavy metals, Cameroon soil properties, Sandford transect,Kansas aquifer, Northeast US climate, E. Ithaca 10 m DEM; USA 4km resolution DEM; large!! 27.2 Mb

Supplementary material

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