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As I get time I'll add some images and descriptions of urban soils here. Names are as proposed for WRB 2006. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Essen Essen Essen Essen Essen
Dialemmi-Ekranic Technosol, Essen-Kray (D) Techni-Ekranic Technosol, Essen-Altenessen (D) Hyperskeleti-Spolic Technosol (voidic), Essen (D) Spoli-Technic Technosol, monolith Abandoned marshalling yard, Essen-Stoplenberg (D)
Reykjavik Enschede Lorraine Nancy DeLutte
Soil-on-a-wall, Reykjavik city hall (IS) Abandoned gas factory, Enschede (NL) Practise ground for heavy machinery operators on fly ash, Lorraine (F) Toposoil for spreading, Nancy (F) Excavation into tertiary clay, de Lutte (NL)

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