D G Rossiter's Photo Gallery


Digging it... In Baranaja Checking an API

Soil improvement courtesy of the City of Ithaca, NY (USA)

A nice Kastenozem in Baranja (HR)

Checking an API

With a student The next generation... at Taghanic

A successful graduation at ITC (Li Ping, China)

Explaining the landscape at Gulffoss, Iceland

Explaining stream geomorphology at Taughannock Falls (Trumansburg, NY, USA)

at ISRIC... Lebeda Lebeda

At the world soil museum (ISRIC) in Wageningen (NL)

Can you believe all these guys got their PhD's with me? Yemefack (Cameroon), Hengl (Croatia), Bacic (Brasil) (left to right)

What I would do for a living if I had the talent... (B5 Mandolin by Lebeda)

Teaching... trust trust

Practising a lecture

Preparing for management meetings (Brussels Botanical Garden)

Fieldwork in China (with 邱霞霞)

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