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Nitrogenase nifH Sequence Database

Current nifH Sequence Database

The full ARB database can be downloaded here nifH_database_2012.arb.

A fasta version contining only aligned nifH sequences is also available nifH_database_2012.fasta.

Gaby, J. C., D. H. Buckley (2014) A comprehensive, aligned nifH gene database: a multi-purpose tool for studies of nitrogen-fixing bacteria. Database. In Press. 10.1093/database/bau001

Evaluation of nifH PCR Primers

Using an earlier version of the nifH database (nifH_database_2010_07_14.arb) we performed a systematic evaluation of PCR primers that target the nifH gene to determine their utility for the study of diazotroph diversity and ecology (Gaby & Buckley, 2012).

Gaby, J. C., D. H. Buckley (2012) A comprehensive evaluation of PCR primers to amplify the nifH gene of nitrogenase . PloS ONE. 7 (7): e42149 . doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0042149

Evaluation of nifH Diversity

Using an earlier version of the nifH database (nifH_database_2_4_09.arb) we perfored a systematic evaluation of nifH sequence diversity as a function of sequence phylogeny and environmental origin (Gaby & Buckley, 2011)

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